Clorox Survey Finds the Germiest Areas of Cars

May 21, 2019

A recent consumer survey and car swab test conducted by Clorox Professional Products Co. found that the germiest areas in cars are not the high touch-areas most people would expect. Among the 1,271 American adults surveyed, 63% believed the steering wheel to be part of the car with the most pathogens, while 45% believed the driver door handle had the most germs and 39% chose the gear shift as the dirtiest car area.

To test these assumptions, Clorox conducted a swab test to assess the number of bacteria, yeast, and mold germs on 13 areas of 21 cars.  They found the highest number of germs—1,197—on the driver side floor mats, followed by the trunk with 1,180 germs, the front seat cup holder with 1,179 germs, and the dashboard air vent with 1,082 germs. In comparison, the steering wheel contained 408 germs and the interior door handle had 375 germs.

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