CloroxPro Donates Disinfecting Products for Hurricane Relief and Recovery

September 15, 2021 CloroxPro Donates Disinfecting Products for Hurricane Relief and Recovery

CloroxPro™ announced a multimillion-dollar donation of its disinfecting products to the Springfield, Missouri-based charity Convoy of Hope to help with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts as well as ongoing disaster relief.

CloroxPro’s donation, along with shipping and distribution services from Convoy of Hope, will go to help recipients address cleaning, disinfection, and mold remediation efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The donation includes 7,000 Clorox® TurboPro™ Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers. In addition, hundreds of truckloads of CloroxPro disinfectants are being deployed across multiple impacted states, including ready-to-use bleach products that clean, kill and control mold and mildew. Convoy of Hope trucks have already started picking up and delivering the products to areas that have been impacted by Ida and others anticipating destruction from impending storms.

“We feel for the communities devastated by hurricanes like Ida and are honored to help get our disinfecting products to the people who need them most right now, whether for their homes, small businesses, schools, or health care facilities,” said Chris Tucker, vice president and general manager for CloroxPro. “Convoy of Hope is providing a truly valuable service in getting these products to impacted communities as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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