CMI Partners With Charlotte Products

June 12, 2019 CMI Partners With Charlotte Products

Charlotte Products Ltd. has partnered with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) to launch a new online learning platform.

Charlotte Products’ learning module features CMI-verified certification courses designed for both distributors and end users. Membership in Charlotte Products’ program includes a full year of unlimited access to hundreds of multilingual sessions featuring videos, quizzes, and documented training.

“Online learning systems help the industry in many ways,” said Mark Warner, education manager for CMI. “It tends to elevate the professional knowledge and standards of the entire cleaning industry, creating higher levels of performance, as well as higher levels of respect. In addition, education, training, and certification programs enhance career path opportunities in the cleaning industry for knowledgeable and motivated people. Everybody wins.”

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About Charlotte Products
Charlotte Products is a Peterborough, Canada-based manufacturer of cleaning and janitorial equipment and solutions. For more information, visit