Dow to Donate PPE to Michigan Hospitals

April 23, 2020 Dow to Donate PPE to Michigan Hospitals

Dow Chemical Co. has announced plans to collaborate on producing 100,000 face shields for donation to hospitals throughout Michigan.

The face shields are based on a simplified, two-piece design intended to vastly accelerate production rates. Dow is working with Michigan-based tinkrLAB to manufacture and distribute the face shields to health care workers throughout the state. Dow also has made the face shield design available as an open-source file to encourage production nationwide.

“Our goal in offering an open-source, simplified design is to provide a way for others to increase additional production of much needed face shields,” said Diego Donoso, president of Dow’s packaging and specialty plastics division. “This is another example of how our materials, technical service personnel, and our Pack Studios’ collaborative development capabilities are enabling solutions that can be used to help protect those on the frontlines of the pandemic.”

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