EvaClean to Help Set Electrostatic Disinfection Standards

January 9, 2019

EvaClean, an EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives company that created an electrostatic disinfection Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) spray, announced it will participate in the creation of sprayer standards.

HOCl is produced when one part hydrogen, one part oxygen, and one part chlorine combine. It is a pH-neutral, oxidized water generated by applying a low-voltage charge to saltwater. This process creates a nontoxic but potent antimicrobial solution capable of rapidly reducing bacteria, viruses, spores, and biofilm from surfaces.

Although more cleaning operations have begun using HOCl spraying systems, concerns have risen due to a lack of sprayer standards. Without the standards, it’s possible for users to mistakenly mix multiple chemicals in sprayer units, resulting in potentially hazardous results.

EvaClean pledges to work with public health and safety organization NSF International and The Infection Prevention Strategy to help establish guidelines for electrostatic sprayers. It will also participate in HOCl studies and peer-reviewed papers to validate its efficiency in killing C. difficile and confirm it is not harmful to the environment.

About EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives

Based near Boston, EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives was founded in 2014.  It introduced EvaClean by EarthSafe in 2016 and has become an authority on healthy and environmentally safe disinfection systems. For more information, visit