GOJO Steps Up Sanitizer Production

March 16, 2020 GOJO Steps Up Sanitizer Production

GOJO Industries announced the company has significantly increasing production of its Purell hand sanitizing products due to the coronavirus outbreak.

GOJO has activated its surge preparedness team and is operating its manufacturing facilities in Ohio and France around the clock in order to meet the increased demand for Purell and other sanitizing products, Building Services Management reports.

“As part of our demand preparedness planning, we typically hold excess inventory and maintain the ability to increase production several times greater than typical demand,” said Carey Jaros, GOJO CEO. “Our manufacturing facilities are operating around the clock to produce many millions of bottles and refills—which amounts to many billions of uses—of Purell products each day. We are continuing to work to increase our capacity even further to meet this dramatic expansion in demand.”

About GOJO
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