ISSA Adds Strategic Alliance in Canada

October 17, 2019 ISSA Adds Strategic Alliance in Canada

ISSA Canada, a Division of ISSA, is pleased to announce it has formed a strategic alliance with The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS).

“TIPS has a tremendous following in the infection control and prevention sector,” said Mike Nosko, executive director of ISSA Canada. “I definitely see this alliance as being a huge opportunity for us to work together and move the industry forward from a health and wellness standpoint.”

“The main goal of TIPS is to communicate, and we need partners in order to do this successfully,” said Michael Diamond, co-founder and executive director of TIPS. “We see our alliance with ISSA Canada as an outstanding opportunity to tap into a new market and grow our outreach.”

Formed in 2015, TIPS is a not-for-profit Pan-Access, worldwide collective that “extends globally and touches locally.” The 100% volunteer-based organization came into existence to advance innovations, ideas, and process that make a difference in global health.

In addition to providing a host of peer-reviewed articles, white papers, and industry support, the TIPS advisory board brings together leading industry professionals well-versed in infection control and prevention. These include Dr. Syed Sattar, Jason Tetro, Michael Rochon, and Dr. Christine Greene, to name a few.

According to Nosko, an interesting point about TIPS is that the organization isn’t just focused on infection control and prevention in hospitals, but the entire building environment.

“Our ongoing goal is to unite the industry, and TIPS is at the top of the scale when it comes to infection control and prevention,” he said. “In addition to the infection control piece, they are also dedicated to the health and wellness of the building environment which is why this alliance is so important.”

ISSA Canada looks forward to working with TIPS in order to deliver on its goal of changing the way the world views cleaning.  Not only will ISSA Canada offer its hospitality and healthcare members access to this knowledgeable resource, but TIPS will also be front and center during industry trade shows and conferences by providing top-notch speakers targeting issues relevant to this industry sector.