ISSA Advocacy Recap—Government Shutdown Averted

October 2, 2020 ISSA Advocacy Recap—Government Shutdown Averted

Welcome to the ISSA Advocacy Recap, our regular roundup of the latest public policy issues impacting the cleaning industry. This week’s recap touches on U.S. President Donald Trump signing a bill to avoid a government shutdown, Democrats voting on a economic stimulus package amid further negotiations, ISSA imploring Congress to pass additional COVID-19 relief now, and more.

Trump Signs Bill to Prevent Government Shutdown after Funding Briefly Lapses
President  Trump on Thursday signed a bill to keep the government running into December after funding briefly lapsed, CNBC reported. The president did not approve the bill before a midnight Thursday deadline to fund the government and, as a result, U.S. spending authority temporarily lapsed. However, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget never ordered agencies to cease operations. The U.S. Senate and House already passed a bill to fund the government at current levels into December

House Passes $2.2 Trillion Democratic Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
U.S. House Democrats passed a US$2.2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill on Thursday night. While the bill is considered to not pass in the U.S. Senate there is some hope a deal could be reached as negotiations continue with the White House on a plan to help Americans struggling from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The vote was postponed allowing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House negotiators more time to discuss a potential bipartisan deal. 

ISSA Joins COVID Relief Now Coalition
ISSA joined nearly 200 major public and private sector groups across the U.S. to implore Congress to reach a bipartisan deal on legislation to prevent “catastrophic economic harm” that would result if Congress does not pass additional emergency COVID-19 relief before adjourning for the election. In a letter to U.S. congressional leaders, the signatories stated that “Support for furloughed or laid off employees, critical infrastructure, small businesses, educational institutions, first responders, and all state and local governments that are addressing the ongoing public health and economic impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are priorities we strongly believe require an immediate and unified response from our federal government.” Using the link below, please take a moment to call, email, and tweet your elected officials and urge them to pass additional emergency COVID-19 aid now.

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