ISSA Advocacy Weekly Recap—September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019 ISSA Advocacy Weekly Recap—September 20, 2019

Welcome to the ISSA Advocacy Weekly Recap! This is ISSA’s regular roundup of the latest public policy-related issues impacting the cleaning industry.

California’s Plastic Packaging Legislation Likely To Come Back Next Year
A series of bills in California that would have imposed a 75% recycling rate on all single-use packaging by 2030 and a 30% rate by 2026, failed to pass the legislature. According to Plastics News, “But industry officials said that with the state’s huge market—California would be the world’s fifth largest economy if it were its own country—whatever the state does could become nationwide rules, in practice, if not in law.” ISSA has been tracking this issue and how it might impact packaging of cleaning products.

Green Seal Launches Ingredient Communication Program
Green Seal® has launched an ingredient communication program to help cleaning product companies meet California’s new disclosure requirements that take effect in January 2020. The state law on cleaning product ingredient disclosure includes requirements that specify detailed information about product chemicals and that apply beyond active ingredients to include certain byproducts and impurities, among other measures. ISSA has reference materials as well as two events coming up to help your company comply with California’s requirements.

ISSA Launches New Advocacy Portal
ISSA has overhauled its Advocacy portal to better educate and engage our members on the latest and most important public policy, regulatory, and compliance topics. The updated webpages will provide you with more ways to get involved in our advocacy efforts, education on top policy priorities, updates on timely legislative and regulatory actions, and access to a wealth of regulatory compliance materials.

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