ISSA Coronavirus Government Response Update—New Coalition Calls for COVID-19 Relief Before Congressional Recess

October 12, 2020 ISSA Coronavirus Government Response Update—New Coalition Calls for COVID-19 Relief Before Congressional Recess

Welcome to the ISSA Coronavirus Government Response Update. This information is intended to keep our members up to date on government affairs related to the cleaning industry and COVID-19. Today’s update touches on the new COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition, the Trump administration’s latest stimulus offer, a recent ISSA meeting with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and more.

New Coalition Calls on Congress to Act on COVID Relief
The COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition, of which ISSA is an active member, recently launched a website, including a video urging Congress to act on COVID-19 relief before legislators recess for the November election. The coalition consists of approximately 200 major public and private sector groups across the U.S. In a recent letter to congressional leaders, the coalition implored Congress to reach a bipartisan deal on legislation to prevent “catastrophic economic harm” that would result if Congress does not pass additional emergency COVID-19 relief. Using the link below, please take a moment to call, email, and tweet your elected officials and urge them to pass additional emergency COVID-19 relief now.

Trump Administration Makes $1.8 Trillion Stimulus Offer
The Trump administration made a US$1.8 trillion stimulus offer to Democrats on Friday, the largest offer yet in negotiations with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA), Business Insider reported. However, she rebuffed the offer by saying it did not provide a fuller strategy for COVID-19 testing and tracing. The White House is renewing efforts to pass a government rescue package before the election, only three days after the president ended talks and sparked criticism from some Republicans—a reversal in a stretch of on-again, off-again negotiations.

ARSCI Meets with OSHA to Review Current COVID-19 Guidance 
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) invited members of ARCSI, a division of ISSA, to participate in a meeting focused on OSHA’s current COVID-19-related guidance and any gaps in the agency’s materials. OSHA intends to assess existing occupational guidance, determine how that guidance is used, and ultimately identify areas where future guidance is necessary. OSHA reached out specifically to ARCSI to discuss guidance of the products and/or supporting materials that would be useful for workers conducting cleaning services.

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