ISSA Looks Back on 2021

January 17, 2022 ISSA Looks Back on 2021

Last year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was like a roller coaster ride the cleaning industry couldn’t get off, impacting every aspect of the supply chain from manufacturers and distributors all the way to frontline cleaners. The availability of COVID-19 vaccines at the beginning of the year brought hope, while the reemergence of mask mandates and multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants felt like two steps backward for every one step forward. 

To keep the industry up to date on the latest shifts in pandemic health concerns and policies, ISSA had to remain agile to meet the seemingly constant struggle COVID-19 placed on its members and the world at large.

Look back on all the ups and downs of the past year with ISSA’s  2021 Year in Review: Helping the Cleaning Industry Find the New Normal. Find out how the association’s departments rode the highs and lows to deliver new content, education, accreditation, and much more to ensure cleaning professionals had all the resources they needed to adjust to these changing times and protect public health and safety across the globe.