New White Paper Details Coronavirus Disruption in Supply Chains

February 28, 2020

With businesses looking to reroute supply chains from China due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, suppliers both in and outside the affected regions need to be ready for the shift.

This is the message in a new white paper that provides perspectives on how supply chains are reacting to the current coronavirus outbreak and what you need to do to minimize damages to your organization.

The white paper published by Avetta, a provider of supply chain risk management to more than 95,000 suppliers globally, provides information on the following:

  • Steps and everyday precautions to protect yourself and others
  • Sustaining business and best practices for ongoing operations
  • What suppliers must do right now to mitigate risks
  • Understanding force majeure declarations (legal doctrines under which a contractor may be relieved from liability for non-performance beyond their control).

Download the full white paper: “Supply Chain Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus and SARS Outbreaks.”