Olmsted-Kirk Names Spartan Manager Top Vendor Rep

February 26, 2020 Olmsted-Kirk Names Spartan Manager Top Vendor Rep

Olmsted-Kirk Equipment & Supply Co. has named Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.’s Ryan Elias its 2019 Vendor Representative of the Year.

Elias serves as vendor representative for Olmsted-Kirk’s Longview, Texas, branch. He currently serves as regional manager of Spartan’s East Texas division, a position he has held since he joined the company in December 2018.

“I am very proud of Ryan because he is relatively new to the industry and he was able to rise above and outperform other vendors”, said Jeromy Calhoun, vice president of Olmsted-Kirk’s Longview branch. “Ryan has gained a lot of knowledge in a short period of time and has an incredible work ethic; we’re glad to have him on our side.”

About Spartan
Based in Maumee, Ohio, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. is an international manufacturer of chemical specialty products for commercial, institutional, and industrial accounts that are sold nationwide exclusively through authorized distributors. For more information, visit

About Olmsted-Kirk
Olmsted-Kirk Equipment & Supply Co. is a Dallas, Texas-based, family owned and operated distributor of janitorial and sanitation products. For more information, visit