PathoSans Donates Disinfectant to Illinois Coronavirus Prevention Efforts

April 6, 2020

PathosSans has announced the company will donate up to 5,000 gallons per day of its PathoCide® sanitizer and disinfectant to first responders in Illinois.

Earlier this month, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a call to Illinois businesses to assist in the state’s attempts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. PathoSans will produce the sanitizer using equipment it manufactures in Glendale Heights, Illinois. The state will then use the sanitizer to clean work surfaces, vehicles, and facilities.

“During this state of emergency, a shortage of effective sanitizers and disinfectants quickly became a significant issue,” said Dr. William J. Kohley, PathoSans president.  “Our ECA systems are designed to supply high volumes of environmentally responsible cleaners and sanitizers. They are manufactured right here in Illinois; by redirecting production to address local supply chain shortages, we knew we could help immediately.  It was a unique situation and our state officials and community leaders vetted the idea, process, and figured out how to make it happen.”

About PathoSans
PathoSans is a Glendale Heights, Illinois-based manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly cleaner and sanitizer for both industrial and commercial use. For more information, visit