SC Johnson Supports Insect Abatement in South America

May 8, 2020

SC Johnson, parent company of SC Johnson Professionalhas donated more than 125,000 units of personal insect repellent and insecticides to families in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

SC Johnson donated more than 100,000 units of mosquito repellents and insecticides to at-risk families in Argentina and Paraguay as part of its “Chau Mosquito” campaign, which includes mosquito prevention education and training on how to use repellents to best fight mosquito-borne disease. In Brazil, the company donated approximately 25,000 units and has partnered with local nongovernment organizations to educate residents of Rio de Janeiro on mosquito abatement.

“Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases can have a devastating impact on the lives of individuals and on communities,” said Fisk Johnson, SC Johnson CEO. “With donations such as these and through educational programs, we’re committed to helping families protect themselves against mosquitoes.”

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