Sodexo Expands Telehealth Offerings

March 30, 2022 Sodexo Expands Telehealth Offerings

Sodexo recently expanded its Nutrition and Wellness Center to include telehealth services.

Established 15 years ago, Sodexo’s Nutrition and Wellness Center originally served as an online portal for in-person counseling of dietetic services for patients in the Denver area. The company’s expanded TeleNutrition offerings allow clients from anywhere in the United States to receive virtual sessions with registered dietitians, one-on-one health coaching, group sessions, and meal planning. 

“The health care industry’s response to COVID-19 has demonstrated that improving access to care is fundamental to improving patient outcomes,” said Julie Branham, vice president of Sodexo Healthcare’s clinical nutrition division. “Registered dieticians are essential in the health care environment, alleviating and facilitating the care provided by the already overextended medical teams. And TeleNutrition services improve access and allows more consistent support for more patients.”

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