Sofidel Survey Finds Americans Picky About Toilet Paper

July 17, 2019

A new poll commissioned by Sofidel America Corp. found nine in 10 Americans want their public restroom toilet paper to be strong and absorbent and 84% value softness.

The Harris Poll survey interviewed 2,034 Americans ages 18 and older to determine the importance of various toilet paper features in public restrooms. Other findings include:

  • 79% of respondents said the ease of tearing the toilet paper at the perforation was somewhat or very important.  
  • 58% said the number of sheets per roll was somewhat or very important. This qualification was more important to younger respondents, with 68% of those aged 18-34 considering sheets per roll as important compared to 52% of respondents over age 45.  

Don’t let your facility’s restrooms give a bad impression of your company. In addition to stocking quality supplies, CMM offers other tips to make sure restrooms are at their best, such as keeping a cleaning log to ensure tasks are completed and choosing smart dispensers to eliminate waste and assure a constant supply.

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