Straight Talk! Celebrates One Year Anniversary

April 2, 2021 Straight Talk! Celebrates One Year Anniversary

This week marks one year since ISSA’s webcast series Straight Talk! released its first video.

The brainchild of host Jeff Cross, ISSA media director and industry veteran, Straight Talk! was born in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Cross and his ISSA Media team needed a way to quickly communicate the hot topic issues facing the cleaning industry. From these humble beginnings as a short, three-minute video on coronavirus resources, Straight Talk! has blossomed into a series of more than 100 videos featuring an open forum for delivering discussions on a wide range of topics to all ISSA members and the global cleaning industry. Straight Talk! has garnered thousands of views during the past 365 days, spotlighting breaking news, how-to tips, marketing and management strategies, and so much more.

“We were in the opening round of the pandemic and COVID-19, and the ISSA Media team realized we needed a way to communicate with the industry beyond our traditional print and digital platforms,” Cross reflected. “Straight Talk! was developed as a ‘talk show’ of sorts, investigating industry issues, especially related to dealing with the pandemic, and it’s morphed into much more!”

Watch a piece of history and tune into the first Straight Talk! video which is posted below, followed by a recent edition on vaccine passports. Be sure to check out the full library, including playlists, at And if you have an interesting topic to share or an outstanding success story to celebrate, send us the details: [email protected]. You could be featured in an upcoming episode!

PLUS: With a reach of thousands of viewers across all aspects of the cleaning industry, Straight Talk! offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to zero in on your target audience. Contact [email protected] for information on sponsorship opportunities.