Survey Finds Cleanliness Motivates Workers

December 11, 2018

A new survey from Tork, an Essity brand, found that manufacturing facility staff believe that working in an organized, safe, and clean environment impacts their productivity and happiness more than advancements in technology.

Among the surveyed manufacturing employees Tork found:

  • 96 percent identified operational efficiency as the top enhancer of their happiness on the job
  • 94 percent associated happiness with working in a hygienic, healthy, and risk-free work environment
  • 93 percent listed an organized work environment as the factor that makes them most happy
  • 91 percent believed having access to quality cleaning products and tools positively impacts their happiness and 90 percent believed it positively impacts their productivity
  • 87 percent chose advancements in technology and machinery as the top reason for their workplace happiness.

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