Survey Finds Increased Commitment to Lowering Greenhouse Gases

July 10, 2018

Offering sustainable products and services within the next decade is a priority among green companies from 37 countries, according to new YouGov survey.

The survey questioned 185 CEOs and executives of companies which had committed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions to comply with the rates required by the United Nations. It revealed that 52 percent expect at least half of their products to be low carbon by 2028, while about one in five (19 percent) expect that all their products and services will be low carbon, Business Green reports.

The majority of survey respondents (65 percent) believe that environmental factors are among the biggest trends affecting business growth within the next five years, ahead of economic policy, which was chosen as a top priority by 59 percent. However, most (88 percent) list technological change as the largest driver of business growth.

Most companies (79 percent) are committed to sustainable products and services to boost their brand reputation, compared to about one-third (29 percent) who are committed to environmentalism to deliver cost savings.