Survey Finds Trusted Cleaning Products Boost Consumer Confidence

June 18, 2020

Surveys of 850 frequent travelers and 974 frequent diners conducted by Procter & Gamble (P&G), parent company of Procter & Gamble Professional, found that 70% of travelers and 58% of diners would patronize a hotel or restaurant if they knew the business was using a manufacturer or brand of cleaning products they were familiar with and trusted.

In addition to concern about the types of cleaning products used, the surveys found frequent travelers and diners had increased cleanliness expectations about the establishments they plan to visit as businesses reopen following pandemic closures.

Among diners surveyed:

  • More than half expect more transparency, with 57% wanting detailed information on what hotels are doing to keep guests safe and rooms clean, both in-person and on the company website
  • A majority (67%) expect to see more thorough and frequent cleaning and 61% expect to see more visible explanations of cleaning methods, like pamphlets and signage
  • Survey respondents ranked cleanliness and housekeeping procedures as the most important attributes, surpassing both the price of the room and location of the hotel.

Among travelers surveyed:

  • Most listed restroom and kitchen cleanliness; spotless tables, chairs, and surfaces; and pleasant smells as the top signs that a restaurant is clean
  • More than 70% expect more thorough and frequent cleaning, saying restrooms, buffets, tables, chairs, and counters are the most important areas to clean
  • Although diners ranked cleanliness as the second most important attribute for their restaurant experience, behind only the quality and taste of food, 74% want to know how restaurants are cleaned and sanitized and what is being done to ensure food safety.

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