Veterans Home in Hawaii Combating Parasite Outbreak

September 25, 2019

Staff of a retirement home in Hawaii are enacting thorough cleaning processes in resident rooms and common areas to minimize the spread of a scabies outbreak, the Hawaii Tribune Herald reports.

Thirty residents and 29 staff members at Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in Hilo, Hawaii, have exhibited symptoms of scabies, an infestation of the skin caused by microscopic scabies mites burrow that burrow into the upper layer of human skin to live and lay eggs. After discovering the infestation, building managers instituted an immediate assessment of the 95-bed facility to determine the scale of the outbreak and identify best practices to eliminate it.

In addition to thorough cleaning of the facility, Hawaii Department of Health officials advise those infected to clean their environment—including their rooms, homes, and cars—to prevent reinfection. Visitation restrictions are in effect until all residents and staff have completed the recommended series of treatments and protocols.