Webinar Recording: Empowering Facilities for Post-Pandemic Success

April 29, 2021

ISSA recently partnered with member companies Coastwide Professional and Staples to produce a one-hour, interactive webinar entitled “Empowering Facilities for Post-Pandemic Success.”

Panelists included:

  • Jeff Cross, media director for ISSA.
  • Eric Peabody, Staples, Vice President and General Manager, Facility Solutions
  • Susan Scapparone, Coastwide Professional, Director of Product Management
  • Neal Duffy, Staples, Senior Manager, Facility Solutions Technical Training

Attendees consumed thought-leadership topics on analyzing and improving health and safety components of a facility, emerging facility management strategies, how to fully reopen buildings as the effects of the pandemic subside, what to do in the event another infectious issue occurs, working with limited facility budgets, how to keep infection control and hygiene awareness at the forefront, ensuring restrooms meet user demand and expectations, and much more.

Also part of the webinar was a Q&A session, which covered audience questions ranging from UV-C technology, electrostatic spraying issues, air purification, and more. 

Watch the webinar and see what these strategies can do for your facility.