Weekly Product Showcase November 2, 2018

November 2, 2018 Weekly Product Showcase November 2, 2018

Stay up to date on the industry’s newest products and services from these ISSA members.

Large and in Charge
Delta-Q Technologies Corp.
has expanded its RC Series with the addition of the RC1000, a 1000-watt high-frequency charger. Capable of charging both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, this charger provides users with helpful data like charge status and history and error/fault logs. For more information, visit

Touch Less Debris
HOSPECO® recently released
Press-N-Go and Tuck-N-Go options to its SPHERGO POP® Flat Surface Cleaning System. These new add-on bases provide the benefit of a of no-touch disposal system, preventing the transmission of dirt, debris, and pathogens to the user and other surfaces. For more information, visit

Better Batteries
The new Trillium™ Line of Intelligent Lithium Ion Batteries was designed by Trojan Battery Co. for use in a wide range of stationary and motive power applications. Featuring a life expectancy of more than 5,000 cycles, these batteries provide real-time state-of-charge, state-of-health analytics and enhanced control algorithms. For more information, visit

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