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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Today at ISSA: Your Association's New Industry Blog: The Membership Blog is designed to keep you, other ISSA members, and prospects informed of association announements, events, and valuable tools to help keep you equipped in everyday work life. 

Cleaning Business Today magazine: Article by ISSA's Will Reed on the new universal training standard for cleaning technicians.  

Buildings magazine: Article on disposable paper products quotes ISSA's Bill Balek.

Cleaning Matters magazine: Article detailing the launch of CIMS in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

U.S. News & World Report magazine: Article ranking the 100 Best Jobs quotes ISSA's Dan Wagner on the importance of janitors.

Workplace magazine by Sourceamerica™: Article detailing Job Options, Inc.'s CIMS-GB certification and the benefits the company has received due to certification.

Healthy Schools Campaign: Blog entry detailing the launch of Transpare featuring an interview with ISSA Account Executive of Environmental Services David Schweizer.

Lodging Magazine:

  • Featured column highlighting how hotels can implement a green cleaning routine.
  • Featured column detailing the Value of Clean® with regards to a hotel's bottom line.
  • Bylined article by ISSA's Dianna Steinbach on calculating cleaning times.
  • Bylined article by ISSA's Dianna Steinbach regarding flu prevention and outbreak tips.

FMLink: On ongoing basis, FMLink will republish articles that originally appear in ISSA Today.

American School & University magazine: Bylined article by ISSA's Dan Wagner discussing a Virginia Supreme Court decision on custodial contract bidding.

Buildings magazine: Bylined article by ISSA's Dan Wagner highlighting how green and sustainable cleaning practices lead to cost savings. Article also referenced on

Fredericksburg Freelance Star: Op-Ed by ISSA's Dan Wagner regarding the cleaning industry's take on Professional Bldg. Maintenance Corp. v. School Board.

Facilitator Magazine: Bylined article by ISSA's Martha Reynoso offering guidelines for restaurants to prevent injuries, reduce costs and focus on growing the bottom line.

Properties magazine: Article on the new standards of sustainable cleaning highlighting CIMS-GB.

American School & University magazine: Bylined article written by ISSA's Bill Balek about green cleaning procurement and resources.

Building Services Management magazine: Bylined article written by ISSA's Bill Balek about green cleaning resources and Transpare.

Buildings magazine: Green cleaning webinar presented by ISSA's Bill Balek.