White Paper: Crisis Management in Europe

This white paper explores how the cleaning industry in Europe has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic during the first six months of 2020, how cleaning businesses across the entire value chain of the sector have reacted to the challenges, and how they have responded to overcome the difficulties they have faced.

The findings are based on interviews ISSA conducted with the support of DTO Research and the ISSA Innovation and Education Committee with industry players across Europe during the summer. While some companies have struggled to navigate the crisis, others have been able to benefit from the pandemic.  With the increase of home office concepts, the amount of cleanable office space has decreased. This could lead to further significant problems, especially for cleaning companies that clean office buildings.

Hygiene and cleaning for health have become important values and increased in visibility. However, in terms of recognition, due to a lack of strong lobbying activities, the industry has not received the attention it desired. These are just some of the key findings the white paper highlights.

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