Value of Clean Presentation

Connecting cleaning to a business’ ultimate bottom line is an essential approach many facility managers haven’t considered. But the results can be well worth your effort when decision-makers stop thinking “cost” and start thinking “profit center.”

Value of Clean PPT CoverMake this cutting-edge connection easier when you use the ISSA Value of Clean® Presentation You must be an ISSA Paid Member to view this content. This exclusive, ISSA members-only set of PowerPoint slides* references eye-catching data found in the& Value of Clean Paper You must be an ISSA Paid Member to view this content, released January 2013. 

You’ll find data supporting cleaning’s positive impact on:

  1. Work ticket resolution costs
  2. Occupant wellness: absenteeism
  3. Occupant wellness: improved productivity
  4. Image enhancement: customer satisfaction
  5. Asset preservation
  6. Energy savings
  7. Reducing hospital associated infections (HAIs).

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