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The MPU Network

The implementation of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) in the jansan sector will have a disruptive economic impact by virtue of limiting federal contracting opportunities for small businesses. That is why ISSA has entered into an alliance with the MPU Network—to provide ISSA members with an alternative path to doing business with the Federal Government.

Founded in 2010, the MPU Network was formed as an advisory group with an exclusive focus on consulting in the realm of federal procurement, and is comprised of legal advisors, program and venture managers, financial analysts, associates, and federal contracting subject-matter experts.

The MPU Network specializes in the efficient structure, management, and business development of joint ventures for the specific purpose of securing federal contracts. MPU works with companies of all sizes to help structure their business organizations to enhance their ability to win federal business and grow.

MPU’s expertise ranges from federal contracts management, cost accounting, acquisition lifecycle, bid and proposal, DCAA audits, program and venture management, engineering, and organizational development. Not only does the MPU Network educate their members on how to compete and win federal business, but just as importantly, they mentor businesses on how to set up the appropriate processes and procedures to ensure that they are performing in accordance with government regulations while successfully growing their business.

The MPU Network’s services include:

  • Strategic analysis of company and industry
  • Restructuring of business or organization to make it more attractive to alliance partners/investors; as well as to take optimum advantage of federal preferences
  • Determine appropriate valuation and capital structure
  • Identify target mentor/partner/investor type
  • Draft mentoring/partnering/private placement documentation
  • Close transaction
  • Post-transaction monitoring.

Typical Fee Structure

ISSA members can join the MPU Network at a 60 percent discounted fee of US$200 per year. This annual fee entitles ISSA members to:

  • Once a quarter “state of contracting” strategic steering sessions;
  • 25 percent discount off of MPU educational materials and workshops
  • 10 percent discount on consultation services.

Below are some typical consulting fees charged by MPU for illustration purposes:

  • Value-added retainer (usually $1,000 to $30,000 against measurable milestones)
  • Success fee (usually 6 percent to 10 percent)
  • Warrants and/or stock (structure varies).

Join MPU Network

For more information on the MPU Network or to join, email your contact information to Walter Cotton, founder of the MPU Network.