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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the focus of Clean Buildings Expo (CBE)?
    CBE is a collaborative event brought to market by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association and Trade Press Media Group, a leading B-to-B media firm, serving the facilities, rail, and commercial cleaning industries. Designed to serve end-user attendees in the commercial cleaning industry, this two-day trade show, and education conference will bring building service contractors, in-house cleaning managers, executive housekeepers, and facility managers together to learn about the latest products and best practices to improve their business and/or department operations. CBE will be a co-located event with the annual National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) Show Baltimore that draws a nationwide audience of facility management professionals responsible for commercial and institutional buildings from around the country.  

    The show takes place March 17-18, 2020 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD.

  • How does CBE differ from other ISSA Shows?
    ISSA hosts trade shows globally with events in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Oceania. The fundamental difference between CBE and ISSA shows is that ISSA events have a wider reach in terms of geography and attendees; they are hosted on an international scale and attract distributor and wholesaler attendees in addition to CBE’s target audience of end-user customers. Manufacturers and wholesalers exhibit at these shows, while attendees include distributors, wholesalers, commercial and residential cleaning contractors, and facility management professionals, plus associated audiences such as manufacturers’ representatives, manufacturers of raw materials and software that serve the cleaning industry, and attendees from ancillary industries such as food service, office products, health care, hospitality, and education (K-12 and higher education).

    CBE is a trade show within a trade show, in that it will serve the needs of the commercial cleaning industry while being part of the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) show.  CBE offers exhibit opportunities for manufacturers and distributors.  The education, trade show, and networking opportunities are intended solely for facility service providers (building service contractors and facility management professionals) across industry segments such as commercial, health care, government, hospitality, food service, industrial and education, in addition to the traditional cleaning and maintenance market segment.

  • Which regions does this show serve?
    The location of the CBE show in Baltimore, MD, will tend to attract the end-users in the commercial cleaning industry from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, although NFMT is a show on a national scale, and therefore NFMT and CBE will draw facility service, manufacturing, and distribution audiences nationally.

  • Who exhibits at CBE?
    Manufacturers, distributors and some wholesalers mainly from all over North America. View the business types represented at CBE. To exhibit, click here.

  • Who attends CBE?
    Attendees will include principals from building service contractor firms, in-house cleaning managers, executive housekeepers, and facility managers from commercial, health care, hospitality, food service, education, industrial, and government market segments. Learn more and sign up for updates.

  • What education and networking opportunities does CBE offer?
    CBE offers a focused, complimentary education conference and networking opportunities for building service contractors, in-house cleaning managers, executive housekeepers, and facility executives across key market segments. Attendees can also avail of certification workshops presented by ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute for a fee. The education conference does not overlap the exhibit hours, allowing ample time for attendees to learn, network, and meet with manufacturers and suppliers on the exhibit floor.