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ISSA Show North America 2018

Priority Points Loyalty Program

Priority Point Loyalty Program 

The ISSA Show North America Loyalty Program rewards companies that exhibit at the ISSA Show North America and are active ISSA Members. This priority point system is used to determine the order of space selection for the ISSA Show North America. Active ISSA member companies with least 1 Seniority Point (described below) are eligible to participate in the 2019 Booth Selection. ISSA will calculate all Priority Points, which will determine the order companies select booth space for the ISSA Show North America 2019. Companies who participate in the Booth Selection are offered the lowest available price per square foot available.

Priority Point Program Criteria:

    1. Seniority Points
      • Number of years a company exhibits at the ISSA Show North America as an active ISSA member.
        If a company acquires/purchases another company who possesses seniority, it would assume the seniority with the greatest amount of points.
    2. Hotel Points
      • If an exhibiting company goes through the ISSA Show North America official housing vendor in 2018, the participating company will receive 1 point. To be eligible, hotel reservation must be booked by August 10, 2018.

    3. Sponsorship Points
      Priority points are given to current ISSA Show North America exhibiting sponsors as follows (Spends are for 2018 Sponsorships):
      • 4 points = Platinum Sponsor – Spend $50,000+
      • 3 Points = Gold Sponsor – Spend 30,000 - $49,999
      • 2 Points = Silver Sponsor – Spend $20,000 - $29,999
      • 1 Points = Bronze Sponsor – Spend $10,000 - $19,999

    4. Number of Booth Space requested on 2019 Exhibit Space Application
      • One point per every 100 square feet of exhibit space on application. For example: 10’ x 10’ = 1 point, 10’ x 20’ = 2 points, 20’ x 20’ = 4 points, 20’ x 50’=10 points

    5. Ways to lose Exhibitor Priority Points:
      • Two consecutive absences from the annual ISSA Show North America Show will result in loss of seniority points permanently and the company will not eligible to participate in the Booth Selection.
      • If a company exhibits the prior year and not the current exhibit year, 5 points are deducted from the company’s seniority permanently.

    6. How do I know my Company’s Point Total?
      • Upon ISSA receiving a completed 2019 online application and deposit, point totals are emailed to the Exhibit Contact.

    7. What if I believe my company's Priority Point total is incorrect?
      • Exhibitor priority points have been very carefully calculated and, we believe, accurately reflect the status of each participant. However, if you believe your company’s point total is incorrect, email the ISSA Sales Team.

    8. Other Factors to Consider:
      • In the event of a tie of total priority points, the date and time in which the Exhibit Application is received for the ISSA Show North America 2019 will be the deciding factor.
      • The priority point system is subject to cancellation, change or modification by ISSA at any time without prior notice.