ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.
ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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Seminar Programme

ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Istanbul 2017
October 18-20, 2017
Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, TurkeY

Keynote Speaker Agenda

Wednesday, 18 October

Opening Ceremony

Global market trends in industrial and institutional cleaning
By Dr. Peter Smallwood, Chemical Associates, Smithers Apex
The industrial and Institutional cleaning industry is going through a disruption in context with manufacturing and processing technology, product formulations and customer preferences. Industrial and Institutional cleaning product markets are forecast to grow significantly through to 2021, at about 6% in developing countries and 4% in developed countries.

This presentation from market research firm Smithers Apex outlines the key drivers of in I&I cleaning markets, looking at emerging trends in technologies, regulations, consumer demands, and more.


Healthcare Cleaning Best Practices: A Middle East Overview
COO of the Middle East Consultancy Association

Cleaning is an important part of providing healthcare services, but it only supports the patient care mission if done properly and is holistically integrated with the complimentary services needed to protect patient and worker health. When vulnerable populations are at higher risk of infection, and cross contamination is a potential threat, cleaning service become a vital part of a successful outcome. Review proper methods of cleaning and disinfecting, recommended staffing levels and frequencies, measures of cleanliness and quality control, proper training approaches and much more.

Fulfilling Cleaning Needs in the Hospitality Market


Thursday, 19 October

Ensuring Quality in Your Facility’s Cleaning Program
Karel-Jan Boel, Director of Programme Development Europe, Middle East, Africa, ISSA

How do you differentiate your cleaning services and prove your worth? If you purchase cleaning, how do you ensure that you get the level of service you are asking for from a provider you can truly trust?  Learn how globally accepted industry standards can be applied to your situation and what elements of a well-managed cleaning organisation you should implement in your operations to generate the best outcomes for success.

Well-being Meets Cleaning: How to Improve the Image of the Cleaning Industry
Michel de Bruin, ISSA European Council Chairman

The cleaning industry is based on people and it services every other profession, making a difference in many lives every single day. Yet, the respect and understanding of this impact is still missing. How can we improve the cleaning profession’s image_ How can we motivate our workers and be proud of what we do? And most of all, how can we convince other industries to see our contributions as relevant and important? It can be done, with the right people, the right focus and the right investment in your organisation. This can be your time to shine.