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A.A.P. – Accredited Auditing Professional

What is the Accredited Auditing Professional (AAP) Certification Seminar?
AAP certifications are structured and designed for empowering an individual to provide a consistent and standard quality assurance audit. Each certification is valid for two years from the date taken. The AAP certification will place you within an elite group of auditing professionals throughout the world.


Seminar Session

The one day seminar hosted by Cleaning Management Institute will teach you all about performing a quality assurance audit within a facility. Through an interactive, hands on program you will learn the technical skills needed to perform an audit as well as the ethical aspects of having this responsibility. 

Seminar Topics Include:

  • ISSA Value of Clean
  • Defining Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • LIVE Building Audit
  • QA Reporting and What it Means
  • Next Steps After Reading Your Report.

Each attendee of the AAP seminar will receive a 30 day free trial of Smart Inspect. (valued at US$2,000)

Who should attend the AAP seminar?

AAP is open to any cleaning professional who wishes to obtain a better knowledge of quality assurance audits and how it will impact their operation. AAP is available for in house service providers, building service contractors and any other industry professional interested in understanding quality assurance procedures. No matter what organization that you work with, AAP certifications are very important. The return on your investment will pay for itself in the first year. Reducing task duplication, catching deficiencies before they become a complaint, and reducing the absenteeism rate are just a few benefits of this program.

Why is the AAP certification important?

AAP will hold quality assurance professionals to a standard in which they run an audit. For the first time, professionals will have a certification recognizing their new standard and career path.

Quality Assurance Checklist

Additional Features and Benefits of the Accredited Auditing Professional Certification Seminar:

  • Understanding where deficiencies come from and how to create a solution.
  • Reduce your operating expenses while increasing employee efficiency.
  • Provide added value and peace of mind to your clients that their facility is hitting a new level of clean.


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