Standards & Certifications

ISSA Sets the Standards for Proper Cleaning and Industry Certification

What does it mean to be truly clean? ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry, has established standards for cleaning quality and efficiency.

These standards are used by top cleaning companies and cleaning management around the world. Facilities that conform to these standards are some of the cleanest buildings around, and service companies that achieve these standards are recognized for having higher quality, stronger service reputation, and a proactive cleaning response.

Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Programs

CIMS Certification Experts (CCE) are approved to provide training and consulting services to cleaning organizations that want to become certified to the Cleaning Industry Management Standard. Become a CCE to achieve the Cleaning Industry Management Standard in your own facility or for the businesses that you serve.

GBAC® STAR Programs

GBAC® STAR is for individuals who are serious about using proper cleaning and disinfection protocols to prevent and mitigate infections and biohazards in a facility. GBAC® STAR’s three stars represent the ability to prepare, respond, and recover.

Industry Certification Programs

Earning a certification is the best way to prove that you know what you’re doing in your profession. The following programs are offered through ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute:

Education, Training, and Career Development Programs

Learn more about affordable training programs and flexible learning options to fast-track your career as a cleaning management expert. 

Healthcare and Hospitality Programs through IEHA Certification Specialties

Education is the top priority at the International Executive Housekeepers Association, a Division of ISSA, (IEHA). Special designations offered by IEHA provide recognition by your employer and peers when you reach education milestones.

Residential Cleaning Certifications

As a residential cleaning company professional, ISSA Residential offers two opportunities for you to earn certifications for your professional cleaning team.