CMI for Supervisors

Empower Your Employees

CMI LogoStay competitive and successful with the gold standard in training excellence. The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) provides you with a means of improving your employees’ skills and experience, so your company can achieve continued and sustainable success.

CMI is the premier training standard in the cleaning industry that gives your staff the right credentials to achieve the recognition they deserve. The goal of the certification program is to:

  • Increase professionalism
  • Instill a sense of pride in your employees
  • Validate employee efforts
  • Improve quality and efficiency of work.

How It Works

Every student who wishes to become CMI certified must first past a pre-requisite exam called Cleaning 101. This exam covers the basic necessities for what it takes to work as a frontline cleaning professional.


After passing Cleaning 101, your staff can participate in any of the advanced specialty training programs, all of which have been verified by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. Each verified program meets a rigorous standard covering everything your employees need to know for that category.

Advanced categories include:

  • General Cleaning*
  • Hard Floor Care*
  • Carpet Care*
  • Restroom Care*
  • General Safety*
  • HazCom*
  • Health Care
  • Value of Clean
  • Customer Service*
  • Green Cleaning
  • Personal Development
  • Efficiency Training Program – Frontline Cleaning Professional Focus
  • Efficiency Training Program – Supervisor/Managerial Staff Focus
  • Schools

Have your employees already passed Cleaning 101 and want to get started on the advanced specialties? Go to CMI Advanced Categories!

CMI Advanced

It is also possible to receive a CMI Master’s designation. To receive a Master’s, cleaning service professionals need to pass an exam and receive certification in seven specific categories, noted above with an asterisk (*).

How Much Does It Cost?

We here at ISSA know that cleaning does not always receive the recognition it deserves. This is why we designed CMI to be very affordable for the frontline worker. Members of ISSA can purchase the Cleaning 101 exam for only US$5. If more than one exam is purchased for multiple test takers, the fee is reduced even more!

Advanced exams cost only $10 per exam for members, meaning an individual student can receive certifications in every single category for less than $150.