CMI Consulting

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Where do you stand?

If you’re ready to improve your cleaning process and experience ease and flow in your cleaning organization, we’d love to invite you to begin the journey toward true Cleaning Change Solutions, ISSA’s CMI Consulting Program.

This is designed for you if:

  • You are spinning your wheels in your department and answering for poor results
  • You are experiencing high turnover
  • You are workloading but cannot create change
  • Your department is run by reactive cleaning
  • Your organizational culture is holding you back

What’s in it for you?

  • Quality Clean
  • Stable Workforce
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Employee Ownership and Empowerment
  • Ease of Onboarding

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Taking a holistic approach to cleaning systems in organizations leads to true, lasting change. If you’re ready for the next steps in efficiencies, we invite you to join us for a conversation to see if this program is right for you.

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“Our transition to Cleaning Change Solutions has been a revolution in our outcomes, in our processes, and in our custodians. Our custodians have changed the way they work, the tools they work with, and the way they feel about their work. Our buildings are cleaner and the custodians feel great about their contribution. We now have a consistent and documented process that is supported by easy assessments.”

~ Scott A. Perelstein, Director of Maintenance and Operations at Northern Arizona University


“I was first introduced to Mr. Tim Poskin around 2006 when he arrived at my 1.7 million square foot janitorial project to begin the process of “Work Loading” my entire project. Mr. Poskin moved forward with great interest in our project and became completely involved with the crew members and their abilities to perform the work. Mr. Poskin has continued his involvement with my AbilityOne project and continues to this day, providing consulting services and inquiries to the well being of our crew members.”

~ Norm Doucette, Vice President-Contracts at Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Inc


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