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Thank you for your interest in Cleaning Change SolutionsTM

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of spinning your wheels in your department and having to answer for poor results
  • You experience high turnover and don’t know what to do about it
  • You understand workloading but do not have context of how to create true change from it
  • Your department is run by reactive cleaning and you yearn to be more proactive
  • You suspect your organizational culture is holding you back

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The team at Cleaning Management Institute: Cleaning Change SolutionsTM have learned that taking a holistic approach to cleaning systems in organizations leads to true, lasting change. If you’re ready for the next steps inefficiencies we invite you to join us for a conversation to see if Cleaning Change SolutionsTM is right for you.

Get started on your journey today by purchasing the online self-assessment! You will answer questions about your company’s operation and will receive a report outlining areas of focus followed by a 30-minute over-the-phone consultation reviewing your results and recommendations for next steps.

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What’s possible from this work:

  • Quality Clean
  • Stable Workforce
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Employee Ownership and Empowerment
  • Ease of Onboarding

This is the exact system we have guided multiple organizations to take their cleaning systems to the next level.

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Here’s what we cover in Cleaning Change SolutionsTM :

Step One – Initial Assessment

Creating an initial assessment of your buildings, staff, and culture will enable you to create baseline data that allows you to measure future improvement in People, Appearance and Logistics. We’ll help you assess your current quality levels and begin to see why you are achieving the results you are today.

Step Two – Workloading and Supply

Workloading is the strategic plan of cleaning. We’ll show you the difference between workloading systems, what we recommend and will create a workloaded plan for your buildings that allow you to adapt to real life events such as absenteeism, vacation, FMLA, breaks, and unscheduled building needs. We’ll also create a supply list that works for you instead of overwhelming your staff with unnecessary options.

Step Three – Training of the Ground Forces

Training the people that perform cleaning that’s specific to their own designed workloading fills a gap of development that they’ve likely never received before. We find that when we train for opportunity and mastery, job satisfaction increases. People feel better about their jobs because they know what they are doing, and why they are doing it. This raises everyone’s competency to the same level of excellence. Employees begin to care more than ever before about their outcomes and the company they work for. This minimizes risk for non-compliance issues such as OSHA violations.

Step Four – Start Up Support

Implementing a new system that includes a high level of change leads to overwhelm when you don’t have a plan for helping the humans involved in the change. So many organizations dictate new plans without reinforcing training and giving on the job support. We can mitigate overwhelm in times of change with the right kinds of support. We’ll help you catch change driven frustration before it takes hold and becomes part of your culture.

Step Five – Leadership Training

Training decision makers create sustainability and stability throughout an entire organization by providing a continuum of care. The culture of any organization is deeply influenced by leadership as their strengths drive direction, just as their weaknesses halt productivity. Here, we’ll take a look at approaches to integrate Cleaning Change Solutions throughout your organization through including leadership deeply in the process.

Step Six – Culture Change

Integrating a specific workloading plan into an organization requires the culture to change. With attention here, we’ll explore what workplace culture is, why it forms the way it does, and what you can do to change it on a fundamental level. We help you change your culture to have an empowered workforce with new expectations that align with your mission, vision, and values. Organizations that implement true culture change go from defect management to process and systems management, creating a more positive, productive and profitable workforce.

Step Seven – Quality Assessment

A good quality assessment process allows everyone in the organization to know if their efforts are working or falling short. Many quality assessment tools miss opportunities that allow for communication at every level. It becomes impossible to pivot or innovate from the information that’s provided. We’ll share with you the best practices in knowing where you are, where you are going and where you want to be.


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Client Testamonials:

“Our transition to Cleaning Change Solutions has been a revolution in our outcomes, in our processes, and in our custodians. Our custodians have changed the way they work, the tools they work with, and the way they feel about their work. Our buildings are cleaner and the custodians feel great about their contribution. We now have a consistent and documented process that is supported by easy assessments. With Cleaning Management Concepts’ support, we are managing a revolution in culture, habits, and practices that is resulting in fantastic cleaning outcomes.”

~ Scott A. Perelstein, Director of Maintenance and Operations at Northern Arizona University

I was first introduced to Mr. Tim Poskin around 2006 when he arrived at my 1.7 million square foot janitorial project to begin the process of “Work Loading” my entire project. Once completed, I decided on a “team cleaning” process recommended by Mr. Poskin, which I believed would be the best process in my specific situation. This project is a US Federal Government AbilityOne contract for the FBI Quantico Complex in Quantico, Virginia, which requires me to have, by law, at least 75% of my direct labor earned by people with significant disabilities. Once Mr. Poskin was made aware of this requirement, he immediately began to consider how the “work loading” may have to be changed to meet the ability of people with significant disabilities. I informed Mr. Poskin that this change was not required as we expected our employees to perform the work to their abilities and the number of personnel would be adjusted to meet the contract requirements instead of changing the “work load” parameters. At this point, Mr. Poskin moved forward with great interest in our project and became completely involved with the crew members and their abilities to perform the work. Mr. Poskin has continued his involvement with my AbilityOne project and continues to this day, providing consulting services and inquiries to the well being of our crew members. Mr. Poskin’ s continued involvement with this project has provided updated “work loading” measures and has provided consistent high-level services which makes my job much easier. Mr. Poskin has been and continues to be an asset to my organization and to the crew members I serve.

Norm Doucette, Vice President-Contracts

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Inc

If you’re ready to improve your cleaning process and experience ease and flow in your cleaning organization, we’d love to invite you to begin the journey toward true Cleaning Change Solutions.