Management and Supervisory Certified Course

ISSA Management and Supervisory Certified course

Strengthen your leadership skills and empower your team

The two-day Management and Supervisory course is designed to sharpen both technical and soft skills involved in cleaning, maintaining and servicing facilities. Through this program, participants will strengthen their leadership and communication skills, learn about latest customer services best practices and improve their ability to manage conflict resolution.

The course will also cover the different levels of supervision, team structures, task assignments, quality inspections, equipment selection processes, cleaning system designs, workloading, staffing, production rates, task performance inspections, cleanliness audits, safety regulations, and cleaning standards. In addition, the course will address effective methods to evaluate chemicals and equipment, better processes for purchasing decisions, and ROI calculations.

What you will learn

  • How to adopt and implement customer service best practices
  • How to develop leadership qualities in the cleaning services field
  • Technical skills applicable to the workplace
  • Cleaning services operation

Who should attend

This course is aimed at established managers who are looking to refresh their leadership techniques as well as to onsite junior managers and supervisors who are new to leadership role and wish to obtain the management skills and specific cleaning industry knowledge necessary to be able to succeed in today’s environment.

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