Can I choose the benefits I want?

ISSA currently uses a three-tiered member benefits structure for businesses in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This allows you to select the benefits you need at the price you want. Click here for an overview of membership benefit tiers.

Other international regions have different benefit structures. Visit the portal for your region to learn more:

Europe, Middle East & Africa
Latin America

When are dues paid?

A remittance of one year’s dues is to accompany your application. Dues are billed annually and are payable upon receipt.

Payment with Application: When you apply, you need to pay the dues for one year along with your application.

Annual Billing: You will be billed on your annual anniversary date.

Non-Refundable Dues: Once your application is approved, the dues you paid are non-refundable.

Branch Memberships: This membership type if available for companies looking to add their branch locations to their Head Quarter membership. There is a small fee to add branch locations.