Professional Selling Skills Workshop

ISSA Professional Selling Skills workshop

Unlock your selling potential

To be a successful sales manager, you have to possess a set of skills which can help differentiate you from the competition. This two-day workshop will enable you to acquire solid selling skills and increase your confidence in dealing with the most demanding of buyers.

Introducing popular concepts, this two-day course will take you through essential selling techniques, in a structured and proven way that will empower you to make instant changes to your working practices and achieve sustained improvements in performance.

What you will learn

  • Identify client needs by adopting a structure for all client meetings
  • Understand how the questioning process works and how to utilize selling skills practicing different role play scenarios
  • Handle client resistance and gain customer’s commitment
  • Understand and adapt solutions selling strategies to secure selling
  • Develop long-term relationships & future business
  • Create a Personal Development Plan to practice your skills

Who should attend

Whether you are selling products or services in the cleaning industry, are experienced or new to selling, this workshop will either reinforce your existing skill set or help developing a structured approach to dealing with both existing and new clients.

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