ISSA Product Showcase June 21, 2024

Stay up to date on the industry’s newest products and services from these ISSA members.

Compacted Cleaning
The SC25 Autonomous Floor Scrubber from Nilfisk provides reliable, resourceful cleaning at the push of a button while its sleek design enables effective cleaning in even the most congested areas. The compact scrubber features zero-degree rotation, reduced speed for effective edge cleaning, and intelligent programming to navigate any environment. For more information, visit

Simplify Your Laundry
Betco® Corp. has announced the return of Emulsifier to its Symplicity™ Laundry product line. The revamped Emulsifier boasts a new, pleasant citrus fragrance and a more effective formula designed to tackle the toughest organic grease, oil, and food soils. The improved solution contains natural solvents that are gentle on the environment while providing robust cleaning performance. For more information, visit

Improve Your IAQ
The Array™ Recess AR1 UV-C from Fellowes is a cutting edge indoor air quality (IAQ) solution unit that employs Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light disinfection to eliminate airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria. The Array UV-C device is designed to operate at a lower air flow, creating an extended dwell time to achieve reliable disinfection. For more information, visit

Tremendous Tracking Tool
IntelliTrail 2.0 is TASKI’s latest Internet of Things (IoT) fleet tracking tool that allows customers to gain valuable insights about machine usage, location, battery health, crashes, and other insights remotely. IntelliTrail 2.0 enables a two-way data transfer from all machine components to TASKI’s cloud-based digital ecosystem, allowing the machine to request maintenance and preventing unexpected breakdowns. For more information, visit

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