Sustainability Committee

The ISSA Sustainability Committee plays an advisory and development role for ISSA’s sustainability strategy and deployment of programming. The committee was created in 2022 to recommend actions that will support ISSA members in their sustainability efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, the identification and prioritization of educational programming, member benefits, and standards development.

Stephen Ashkin
The Ashkin Group

Ailene Grego
President & CEO
SouthEast Link

Amir Karim
President & CEO
Polykar Inc.

Bill McGarvey
Director of Training & Sustainability
Imperial Dade

Jackie Poulakos
Manager, Building Operations
Mercedes Benz Stadium

Oriana Raabe PhD MPH
Corporate Scientist, Sustainability

Marco Simoncini
Corporate Environment Officer

Wendy Welker
Building Services
Georgia Institute of Technology