A Ringing Endorsement for YES

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By Matt Scoles | October 3, 2017 << Back to Articles

Are you a member of ISSA’s Young Executive Society (YES) program and want to understand what benefits the program offers?

Do you want to encourage others in your organization to be a part of YES and actively participate?

Are you considering joining the YES program but are on the fence about it?

If you answered YES to any of the above, read on!

To better illustrate what YES can do for you, I would like to share my personal experience as not only a loyal YES member but also as a YES coordinator.

Having been in the cleaning industry for many years now, I recall traveling to the different annual ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America trade shows in either Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando year after year.  When I first heard about the Young Executive Society, I was intrigued.  I remember going to my first YES reception at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show and ISSA Convention in Chicago and was surprised to see so many young individuals, like myself, who were there looking to network and engage in intellectual and informative conversations. Upon entering the reception venue, I was immediately recognized as a new member by then YES coordinator Lori Zarling, who welcomed me and immediately began introducing me to some of the other members. From that first reception on, I was able to grow my network exponentially through the YES community. Success depends on the relationships you build and nurture in the community and I am proud to say that over the years I have been able to make strong connections and friendships that have stood me in good stead.

I have also been fortunate to have met experienced and established YES members and alumni who were willing to mentor me, and they in turn shared their own stories of mentors who helped them navigate the business landscape better. Mentoring seems to be a tradition in our industry as I have heard the same experience from countless other YES members I have met. This culture of willingness to help and guide new members, and a genuine sense of camaraderie is at the heart of ISSA’s Young Executive Society program.

For me, YES is by far the greatest networking platform that I have been involved with. The ability to join group discussions, attend the YES Professional Development Program or simply having one on one interactions at YES networking events has been invaluable. I have been able to discuss and hear unique perspectives on industry based topics from not only YES members and event attendees in the United States but from all over the world. Some of these conversations have given me the foresight so greatly needed in today’s marketplace to be able to direct my company and personnel in the right direction.

Joining the YES program is a choice I will never regret and I hope other young professionals and YES alumni choose to be more actively involved with the program and help it grow.

About the Author.

Matt Scoles is the executive vice president of Scoles Floorshine Industries and can be reached through his company's website -