APIC 2016 w/ Ashley and Patti

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By Patricia Ellis | June 21, 2016 << Back to Articles

Hello everyone, Ashley and I just returned from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 2016 conference held in Charlotte, NC, last week and it was wonderful!

We learned so much more about the infection control community and met some incredible people. Their mission and passion for decreasing the disease population were amazing. ISSA has been a relentless advocate for how the world views clean. We have pushed the limits on getting folks to see cleaning as an investment to public health. A simple thing as knowing how to wash your hands (with soap and water) can help prevent the spread of bacteria from Salmonella and Hepatitis A, a viral infection of the liver, not to mention the common cold and flu. The APIC show made me realize just how much our organizations have in common. We will continue to fight for a cleaner healthy world.

Check us out at the show…


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