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By Ashley Rivera | March 10, 2016 << Back to Articles

One plus one equals two, two plus two equals four, four plus four equals eight. We can go on and on about math and numbers, but have you tried adding the value of your business with our Business Valuation Calculator? Or how about tracking costs associated with purchasing restroom consumables? If you are thinking no, you have been either living under a rock, or perhaps you are just parachuting in.

The Consumable Product Cost Calculator effectively tracks costs associated with restroom consumables based on building type, building details, roll towel information, and cost per case. This calculator estimates the annual cost for other items you wish to include such as liners, toilet tissue, hand soap, and much more!

If you are an ISSA member, you may contact [email protected] for the secret password to access these equations! Err… I meant calculators.

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