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By Lucy Lee | October 19, 2020 << Back to Articles Cleaning for a Reason

Since 2008, Rag Mops Cleaning Service Inc. of Lewisville, Texas, has been a partner of Cleaning for a Reason, an ISSA Charities signature program that supports cancer patients through free home cleanings. Owner Debi Bascue immediately felt connected to the cause, as Rag Mops was founded with the intention of supporting and giving back to the community through cleaning and considers service one of its core values.

Not too far from the hometown of Rag Mops is NeatClean Maids LLC, which operates a residential cleaning service in Mesquite, Texas. At the time of its debut in 2010, it was looking for a way to differentiate itself from other businesses. After meeting Debbie Sardone, founder of Cleaning for a Reason, owner Aracele Morales was inspired. Having grown up in a large family, she was instilled with the lesson that when someone needs help, you should always offer support. To date, the company has cleaned for 63 patients, with cleanings valued at more than $23,000.

“Our involvement with Cleaning for a Reason helped us build our company culture from the very beginning of our business,” says Morales. “Our staff members are truly wowed by the fact that they can lend a helping hand through the process of cleaning.”

Volunteering brings everyone together

Not only do Rag Mops and NeatClean Maids offer free cleanings to patients with which they are matched, but they also seek out additional volunteering opportunities. One such event brought together service providers from the area to help 20 patients in just one day. Another paired cleaning companies with groups of volunteers who had never before cleaned professionally, to complete several home cleanings.

“Volunteering events give everyone an opportunity to see things from a different perspective, and it empowers our employees to be able to teach and lead volunteers as they clean,” says Bascue.

Cleaning for a Reason also encourages owners and office staff to join volunteering efforts since cleaning crews are out in the field servicing patients each month. Cleaning for a Reason donates the chemicals needed to complete cleaning during volunteer days while the cleaning companies help volunteers understand how to interact with patients and thoroughly clean.

“By working together during a volunteer day, we can make a greater impact in the lives of cancer patients,” adds Morales. “When company founders and other staff get out and experience Cleaning for a Reason, it re-confirms that we’re doing something good. It’s also great to see everyday people putting in their own time and effort for this charity.”

Promoting Cleaning for a Reason

From its company cars to its brochures, NeatClean Maids highlights Cleaning for a Reason in numerous ways. Meanwhile, Rag Mops has a dedicated page on its website and finds creative methods for promoting Cleaning for a Reason with pens, wristbands, and chip clips. Doing so increases awareness among customers who may know someone who can benefit from the charity, attracts employees who want to be part of a company with a larger purpose, and encourages other cleaning companies to get involved and serve more patients.

“Cancer does not discriminate. We serve people of all different ages and genders and take pride in helping each and every person and their families,” states Morales. “Cleaning for a Reason has truly changed our business for the better.”

After recognizing that many of its customers want to be part of giving back, Rag Mops began allowing them to add a dollar to each cleaning, with all proceeds donated to ISSA Charities to support Cleaning for a Reason. There is a big push during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and during April for Cleaning for a Reason Week, but the option is available year-round. It typically results in an additional $1,500 for Cleaning for a Reason each year. Combined with donating cleanings valued at over $36,000 to 120 cancer patients, Rag Mops is essential to the success of Cleaning for a Reason.

“Our experience with Cleaning for a Reason has been nothing but positive. We are honored to be involved with the program and love helping to make a difference,” says Bascue.

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