Good to See You: TUG Recap


By Hannah Kennedy | April 6, 2016 << Back to Articles

Happy Wednesday all! We were so happy to meet and talk with you at The United Group (TUG) conference last week in Las Vegas, NV. Filled with speed meetings, ceremonies, fellowship, and good food — the TUG conference was a success! It provided an opportunity for us to get to know our current members in more depth while, introducing ourselves to potential new members.  Speaking with you last week provided valuable feedback and insight into your work environment, goals, and success. At the same time, it shed some light as to how ISSA can better prioritize service for our members—which always our priority.

You are the heart of the association; we couldn’t do it without you. We highly value the opportunity that we had to meet. 

Thank you!

About the Author.

Hannah Kennedy currently serves as Industry Outreach Specialist for ISSA. She can be contacted at [email protected]