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By Randy Kim | June 20, 2016 << Back to Articles

I am pleased to start out my ISSA blog debut my introducing myself, and offering a few reflections of my first few weeks at ISSA and the ISSA Hygieia Network. I am currently serving as the new Committee Coordinator with the ISSA Hygieia Network, which was recently formed over a year ago to create leadership advancement opportunities for women . In my role, I will be working closely with the ISSA marketing and membership department, and serving as the liaison for the ISSA Hygieia Network council members. Previous to my arrival at ISSA, I have been working in non-profit both internationally and locally in the Chicago area.

As I am learning each day about the nuances and dynamics of the cleaning industry, I am energized by the relationship-building success that ISSA has created with both its long-time and recent members. With the ISSA Hygieia Network (HN), I had an opportunity to be introduced to Dr. Ilham Kadri, HN’s Executive Board Chair President. Speaking with her, I was moved by her ardent passion and commitment to improving the leadership skills and education among women in the cleaning industry. Her experiences through her leadership role in diversity and inclusion with Sealed Air are integral to the success of the ISSA Hygieia Network. I was able to speak with our other HN council members to learn more about their leadership skills, gender barriers connected in their professional experiences, and their vision for the network. By having these conversations, I see the current barriers and needs that women in the cleaning industry from the top to bottom levels face, and how the network can bring the advancement that it needs to deliver to women.

Lastly, I have been truly humbled by the warm welcoming from the ISSA team. As this is a new industry that I’ve entered into, I have been thoroughly impressed with the staff’s commitment to educating me about what is happening with ISSA, and how they work with our members. As I continue to acquire knowledge about ISSA and our members, I am looking forward to a long-standing, successful relationship with the association and our ISSA Hygieia network members!

About the Author.

Randy Kim is ISSA's Hygieia Committee Coordinator. He can be reached at [email protected]