ISSA is Taking Istanbul by the Horns!

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By Patricia Ellis | March 28, 2016 << Back to Articles ISSA is Taking Istanbul by the Horns!

Now, you have read Kathy’s post on our fabulous Amsterdam show, well, I am here to tell you about another exciting global show we are having this year.

Watch out Turkey, here come’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Istanbul 2016! Did you know, under the Ottoman Empire, the city has over 1,400 public toilets?  Whew, that is a lot of cleaning going on over there!  What a perfect place to present a showcase!

The show will be held at the IFM Convention Center, September 7-9, 2016. The market for the cleaning industry in this region is rapidly expanding and ISSA/INTERCLEAN wants our members to get connected, up close and personal! For more information regarding our Turkey show contact one of our off the chain teammates in our sales department, Iris and Mikel or visit here. We hope to see you in Turkey!

Bir dahaki sefere kadar!


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