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By ISSA Staff | September 30, 2014 << Back to Articles

Founded in 1996, All Care B.V. manufactures and imports jansan accessories and dispensers to wholesalers and paper and detergents suppliers throughout Europe. Based in Veenedaal, Netherlands, the company has approximately 20 sales and development team members who work together to engineer innovative technologies that benefit end-users.

All Care started out importing hand dryers and sanitary accessories from Mediclinics in Spain. By 2005, the company had grown successful enough to start producing its own dispenser line called “Wings.” The company continued its steady growth, and in 2010, All Care launched a second self-produced range of dispensers called “Qbic-line.” In order to meet the growing demand for its products, All Care opened its own manufacturing plant in Germany in 2013.

The company’s focus on its customers has always moved All Care’s business forward and ensured it stayed competitive. All Care Sales Manager and Marketing Coordinator Hans Overweg explained that the company actively develops new solutions to satisfy market demands, as well as customising its selection to suit clients’ unique requirements.

“Driven by quality awareness, we strive to help our customers find solutions for their specific challenges,” Overweg said. Solutions may be attainable within our existing product line, but also can be found with our custom-made products that can be created from scratch in collaboration with the customers themselves.

“We provide four complete lines of dispensers. Plus, we have four additional brands, including hand dryers, hair dryers, waste bins, and a range of dispensers for extra hygienic hand washing facilities,” Overweg continued. “Furthermore, with our digital printing capabilities we can also produce private-label dispenser lines featuring the client’s company logo or any custom image they provide.”

In a step reflecting its ambition to drive the business and industry forward, All Care joined ISSA in April 2013 with the initial focus of supporting ISSA activities in The Netherlands.

“When we became a member of ISSA in 2013, it was because we wanted to join the recently established group of Benelux organisations within ISSA. Working together, we can share the knowledge required to improve the European market and our businesses,” explained Overweg.

This networking element of membership stems largely from various ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade shows, including the European shows in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Warsaw, Poland. For All Care, these exhibitions are the most useful benefit of ISSA membership. Overweg elaborated: “Networking is especially important because people like to buy from people they know and trust. Also, it’s a necessary endeavour for the business to gain insights into what’s happening in the market.”

These insights quickly evolved beyond All Care’s domestic market with ISSA’s global member portfolio providing useful strategies needed to develop their business elsewhere.

“As well as presenting the opportunity to keep contact with our existing clients, the international nature of these shows helps us to gain knowledge of foreign markets,” stated Overweg. “For example, speakers at a meeting of Benelux ISSA members helped paint a clearer picture of the German market. As a result, we are better equipped to respond to the needs of this region, which will help us to expand our business further afield. Our output in both Germany and Eastern Europe has increased since joining, thanks largely to these interactions at exclusive ISSA events.”

For ambitious companies like All Care, attaining ISSA membership is a logical step in building a presence within the European cleaning industry. “Sharing knowledge of the market helps all of our businesses to achieve higher levels of performance. All Care’s mission is to raise the standard of hygiene in Europe by taking a unique and sustainable competitive position in the market, and ISSA membership has certainly helped us to toward this goal,” Overweg said.

To learn more about All Care, visit the company’s ISSA Member Directory page.

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