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By ISSA Staff | July 2, 2013 << Back to Articles

The cleaning industry in Azerbaijan is young, but the industry is growing steadily as the country continues its rapid development. One company leading the way for cleaning in Azerbaijan is Baku Cleaning Co., LLC. Established in July 2011, the company provides a range of cleaning services, including routine and daily cleaning, cleaning during and after construction, trade centre and industrial facility cleaning, as well as speciality cleaning such as polishing, grinding, and sealing for marble, tile, and artificial and natural stone surfaces. The company operates throughout Azerbaijan, and currently has more than 200 employees.

Baku Cleaning has been a member of ISSA since 2011. Baku Cleaning External and Customer Relations Manager Samir Maharramov is keen to highlight the advantages that membership has brought to the company.

“Since joining ISSA, we have enjoyed a fruitful, cooperative relationship with the association,” said Maharramov. “Through ISSA, we have created some truly useful and beneficial relationships with other members throughout the world. For example, ISSA played a huge role in connecting us with manufacturing companies when we needed specialist products for certain projects. The association also plays a vital role when we negotiate with new customers, especially companies (outside Azerbaijan). As you can imagine, for a young company like ours, this kind of support is invaluable for our continued growth.”

For Baku Cleaning, the ability to facilitate inter-industry networking is one of the chief benefits of ISSA membership. “In my opinion, the value of ISSA is in connecting businesses from all over the world, as it is only together that we can set and maintain high standards in cleaning,” explained Maharramov. “For example, our company is currently the only ISSA member from Azerbaijan. Through the networking opportunities provided by being an ISSA member, we have been able to learn about and bring many innovative and effective cleaning products and processes into Azerbaijan, playing our part in continuing to develop the cleaning industry in this country.”

One of the key ways in which ISSA enables industry networking is through the many ISSA/INTERCLEAN® trade shows. Baku Cleaning attended its first of these events in 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. “We decided to attend the event mostly because we wanted to familiarise ourselves with the spirit of the show,” Maharramov said. “We were also open to the possibility of building connections with ISSA members.”

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2012 far exceeded Baku Cleaning’s expectations with regard to building connections. “As a direct result of our attendance, we were able to sign valuable contracts with a number of reputable companies,” Maharramov explained. “We are now an authorised dealer and supplier of a number of European and North American products and services to Azerbaijan, ensuring that we can be a strong business partner to our customers. This has had a direct impact on our business, turning potential customers into real clients.”

Maharramov is confident that ISSA will continue to play a role in the company’s success. “I can honestly say the value of ISSA is felt in every step of our company’s activity,” he concluded. “The association has become vital to our operations and I am sure that this will only continue.”

To learn more about Baku Cleaning Co., LLC, visit the company’s ISSA Member Directory page.

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