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By ISSA Staff | March 27, 2013 << Back to Articles

Celebrating Jangro’s Anniversary With ISSA

In 2011, Jangro Ltd., the largest network of independently owned janitorial supply companies, became the first United Kingdom-based distributor group to join ISSA.

Jangro is a dynamic force in the British cleaning industry, with more distribution points than any other U.K. janitorial supplies organisation. While many businesses in the janitorial market were gravely impacted by the global financial crisis in 2008, Jangro has seen exponential growth since then. Today, the group realises a turnover of over £100 million.

Jangro saw joining ISSA as a phenomenal opportunity to grow its success by forming alliances with like-minded janitorial groups across the EMEA region, particularly in Europe. Speaking in 2011, Joanne Gilliard, operations director at Jangro, said, “Joining ISSA is an outstanding opportunity. We can leverage our ISSA membership to recruit both new suppliers and new distributor members for Jangro in Europe.”

So, after one year, what does Jangro think of its ISSA membership?

“We have had a very successful year, and ISSA has undoubtedly been a huge part of this,” Gilliard said. “Our membership has opened many new doors for us, providing us the opportunity to meet with many other like-minded cleaning industry partners.”

In addition to facilitating cross-continental networking opportunities, the partnership between Jangro and ISSA has allowed the organisations to work together in continuing their commitment to green cleaning.

“Since our inception, Jangro has been aware of its environmental responsibility, which culminated in the launch of the Jangro Enviro line of products. A lot of effort and expertise went into the production of this range in order to ensure that every product was formulated to have minimal effect on the environment, whilst at the same time being effective,” said Gilliard.

“ISSA shares Jangro’s strong environmental values, which is one of the primary reasons we decided to form a relationship with them last year,” she continued. “Environmental issues are always changing, and there are many challenges for us as an industry to overcome. Being part of such a far-reaching organisation as ISSA allows companies from across the EMEA region to learn from each other about new developments and other innovative new ways to tackle these challenges head-on.”

This exchange of international best-practice information is not limited to ensuring a greener, more environmentally-friendly cleaning industry, but also to increase its level of education and knowledge. “Education is key to making sure products are used safely and efficiently,” Gilliard said. “It is of great value having connections with companies across the globe to ensure that Jangro can keep ahead of the game with regards to training and breadth of knowledge. ISSA is always available to facilitate this, whether through organizing networking events or by holding educational seminars and conferences.”

One of the key platforms ISSA utilises to enable this networking is at its ISSA/INTERCLEAN® trade shows. “The ISSA/INTERCLEAN shows are undoubtedly the premier events for the cleaning industry,” said Gilliard. “For Jangro, having a presence at these shows is a vital networking opportunity.”
Jangro’s first year of ISSA membership has clearly been every bit as beneficial as they hoped it would be, but what does the future hold for the relationship?

“I am sure that ISSA will continue to provide Jangro with the opportunity to learn from other members. ISSA is the world’s leading cleaning body, and as it continues to grow, we continue to benefit,” Gilliard said. “Jangro really is extremely proud to be part of such a prestigious organisation as ISSA. We see our membership as a strategic partnership, and I am excited to see what the future of this partnership will bring.”

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